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A World of Carpets

Carpets are an interesting way to add final touches to any décor look and they offer the homeowner a world of options as far as size, colour and materials are concerned. Carpets can be loose or fitted to permanently stay in place. Loose carpets are easier to maintain than fitted carpets and people are urged to think about such things before they decide to buy a carpeting solution. Carpets are perfect for keeping the home warm during winter months. Types of carpets are listed below.

Woven carpets

A woven carpet is made in the same way as woven cloth i.e. it is produced by using a loom. New styles of woven carpets employ a combination of two weaving styles called cut pile and loop pile.  Woven carpets are very expensive because of the long process involved in making them. Woven carpets are available in different weaving styles and techniques. These styles include plain weave and tapestry weave.

Needlefelt carpets

These are very strong and durable carpets made by mingling synthetic fibres using needles. Needlefelt carpets are perfect for places that have a lot of foot traffic such as hotels and offices because they last for a very long time if they are adequately maintained.

Knotted carpets

Knotted pile carpets are also known as supplementary weft cut-loop carpets. Knotting by hand is associated with more expensive styles of carpets like Kashmir, Oriental rugs and carpets.

Tufted carpets

The piles of a tufted carpet are injected into the backing material which is bonded to a secondary backing material. The secondary backing material consists of hessian weave or any other man-made alternative and its purpose is to increase stability. Tufted carpets are a common domestic carpeting solution.

Hooked rug

A hooked rug is made by hand and is a favoured DIY project. Strips of cloth are pulled through a mesh until interesting patterns and designs materialise.

Afghan carpets

There is a growing demand for Afghan rugs and carpets. These carpets are woven by residents of Afghanistan or Afghan refugees that live in other countries.