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    27Aug 14

    What’s the Use?

    6 ingenious uses for old carpets Have you recently had your carpets ripped up or are you considering getting your carpets replaced? Hold it, before you take those carpets out…

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    20Aug 14

    5 Ways to Kill Bacteria, Dead!

    News flash! Bacteria are everywhere! Right now there are bacteria all over your hands, all over your mouse, and now it’s all over your mouth. That’s right; take that hand away from…

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    16Aug 14

    Psychotic Spring Cleaning Super Tips

    4 DIY upholstery cleaning tips for the savvy homeowner Spring is around the corner and although to most people are welcoming the change of season with open arms others already…

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    08Aug 14

    The Leather Question

    How to maintain leather upholstery  When leather upholstery is maintained it looks great. However, if you don’t maintain your upholstery and it gets dirty then it can just look like…

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    03Aug 14

    The Curious World of Carpets

    10 Completely and Utterly Random Facts About Carpets I can see you there twirling your cum laude moustache with the panache of a carpet cleaning professor. You may have degrees in carpet…

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    30Jul 14

    The Seven Year Itch

    The Disgusting World Which Thrives in Your Carpets Do you know what lies beneath in the deep dark reaches of your carpets? No, not Marilyn Monroe as the title of…

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    29Jul 14

    All Clean on the Home Front

    Homemade Cleaning Solutions Which Will Save You Money No matter how effective they are, toxic commercial cleaners are harmful to your family and your pets. Indeed, cleaning with eco-friendly products…

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    26Jul 14

    Choosing New Carpets? Have a Blast!

    We’ve talked at length about carpet cleaning but perhaps we should dial it back for a second and impart some worldly wisdom on carpet selection. When it comes to selecting…

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