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    29Jul 14

    All Clean on the Home Front

    Homemade Cleaning Solutions Which Will Save You Money No matter how effective they are, toxic commercial cleaners are harmful to your family and your pets. Indeed, cleaning with eco-friendly products…

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    26Jul 14

    Choosing New Carpets? Have a Blast!

    We’ve talked at length about carpet cleaning but perhaps we should dial it back for a second and impart some worldly wisdom on carpet selection. When it comes to selecting…

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    20Jul 14

    Smoke Signals

    How to Remove Smoky Odours from Your Carpets Smoke odours can completely ruin your carpets and leave a horrible smell hanging in the room. Whether the odour stems from fire…

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    16Jul 14

    The Carpet Cleaning Solution

    Learn How to Make a Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution Sometimes you just need to do the job yourself. Whether it’s for financial reasons or because your of the belief that,…

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    02Jul 14

    Critical Carpets

    Dirty Carpets and their Impact on your Social Life First impressions are everything, so it really can be a wooden stake through your social life when you invite your new…

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