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    Masterguard Carpet and Upholstery Protection Pretoria

    Do you have fabric protection on your carpets and upholstery? If not you should seriously consider it. Carpet protectors can save you extraordinary amounts of money when it comes to getting your carpet professionally cleaned or replaces through ongoing maintenance and protection of the carpet fibres.

    Masterguard has been protecting carpets and upholstery for over 20 years and is a leader in the fabric protection industry. If you want to effectively safeguard your carpets and upholstery against dirt and stains then Masterguard for tried and tested fabric protection.

    Stains from orange soda, tomato juice, milk, chocolate and red wine can cause terrible stains and completely ruin your carpets, but Masterguard puts a layer between your carpet and the liquid, making it easy to clean up and preventing the substance from embedding in your carpet. This means that next time little Johnny is running around the house with a cup of orange juice you don’t have to stress about the carpets or couches. Masterguard’s unique formula contains polymers which cover every fibre of your carpet, protecting it from liquids and dirt.

    Whether it’s for residential use of commercial and industrial use Masterguard has an array of products to suit your needs. Ensure that your carpets and couches are well protected from all of life’s little mishaps and enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your carpets will shine brighter for longer.

    Need help applying Masterguard to your carpets and upholstery? Cannon Carpet Care has a wealth of expertise in applying this great carpet and upholstery protector to your carpets and couches. If you are interested in guarding your carpets and upholstery with one of the leading fabric protection formulas on the market then contact Cannon Carpet Care today.