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    Scotchgard Carpet and Upholstery Protection Pretoria

    You know how your carpets and upholstery look after they’ve been cleaner. They look like new again, like you’ve just hand an interior decorator in and you promise yourself that you will maintain these beautifully clean carpets for at least another year. One month down the line and your toddler has rubbed chocolate into your pristine carpets, leaving a suspicious brown stain in the corner of your lounge.

    It doesn’t have to be that way. There are carpet and upholstery protectors on the market which can repel stains from your carpets with ease. Possibly the most effective product in fabric protection is the world famous Scotchgard, a product which has taken stain prevention to a whole new level.

    Scotchgard is a carpet and fabric protector which has become a household name across the world thanks to its unblemished history in stain protection. Scotchgard fabric protection was developed in America over fifty-five years ago and since then has spread to over sixty countries across the globe. This carpet and upholstery protector has gained recognition for its amazing ability to repel liquids and prevent stains, and has been awarded legendary status in stain removal and prevention, and fabric protection. If you want to protect your carpets and upholstery, and keep them looking cleaner and brighter for longer, then Scotchgard is a tried and tested fabric protector that won’t let you down.

    So, how does Scotchgard work? Scotchgard fabric protection can attribute its stain prevention qualities to its magnificent formula. This formula forms a molecular shield around each fibre of the carpet, repelling liquid and preventing damage from dust. Liquids and dirt will cling to an untreated carpet in a flash and by the time you’ve gone to the kitchen to get a cloth your carpets will already be ruined. Scotchgard allows spills to be cleaned up quickly and easily before the liquid can become embedded in the fibres and stain.

    If you want to preserve your carpets and keep them clean for years to come then it is imperative that you treat your carpets with Scotchgard. At Carpet Cleaning Pretoria will apply Scotchgard to your carpets as per your request. The application of the brilliant stain prevention product is essential to fabric protection and your carpets and upholstery longevity. Choose the world number one carpet and upholstery protector. Choose Scotchgard and ensure that you protect your carpets, your upholstery and overall, your investment.