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Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Newly installed carpets are well noticed and complimented by family and friends, thus leaving you, with a good feeling of accomplishment.

Unfortunately, everybody does not understand, that choosing the right floor covering from the multiple choices available in the market is not an easy task. Taking in consideration Price, texture, colour and a multitude of other options.

Weeks later the hype of a beautiful and luxurious looking carpet is replaced, with new challenges choices and attention. This lingers on for days, until reality dawns. Then comes that dreadful day of reality, your Carpets is not going to stay clean forever and calls for some kind of action, you need to remove marks, stains, and find a method to maintain your investment without a headache.

We at Cannon Carpet Care in Pretoria and Centurion have learned over many years, Carpets Upholstery, and Rugs don’t clean themselves. They do need attention.

When walking over a carpet dirt in different forms are tracked and distributed, and eventually becomes embedded in the carpet pile, thus leaving the carpet looking faded and dirty. Leaving you the customer with the question of, did you make the right choice? Not all Drivers are mechanical inclined, and so should the owner of that dwelling except the fact that they are not all “professional” cleaners.

Seldom are customers informed by a sales representative of cleaning and maintenance methods after purchasing their carpet, or advised on what kind of vacuum cleaner to use , or method of cleaning. General cleaning and maintenance are task people postpone, or pass on to others, because it is a job nobody really enjoy doing.

We at Cannon Carpet Care are seasoned professionals, whether working from Pretoria East to Pretoria West, our dedication, knowledge and professionalism is a blessing to those who needs to have their Cleaning problems attended to. We advise and teach our customers how to have peace of mind, and to understand the fundamentals of cleaning and what processes to request.

  1. Vacuum of carpets. (Prevention is better than cure)
    It is important to vacuum carpets regularly, preferably with an Upright vacuum cleaner, that has the benefit of a centrifugal brush action and beater bar. This kind of apparatus will be more effective in removing dirt dust and small particles of sand. Keeping your carpet cleaner and in better shape, downscaling on time and energy. These vacuum Cleaners are known us” Straight Upright Vacuum cleaners.
    Tank canisters are cylinder/box type vacuum cleaners with the suction motor installed on top. They are normally referred to as Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners. Although they a well in demand and popular in the field of Commercial Cleaning, this product, is not so effective for carpeting with long or heat twisted piles, or thicker woven Carpets.
  2. Spills and drops.
    Some or other time accidents do happen. It is important to have some kind of backup when these accidents do occur. Stain removal kits, is a form of insurance that makes life easier, and a good investment at all times.
    When unsure how to go about in removing an accidental spill, call your local Carpet Dealer/Cleaner or Cannon Carpet Care for advice. Always reliable and Trustworthy.
  3. Preventative Measures – Fabric Stain Protection
    Well-known brand names like MasterGuard and Scotchgard are specifically designed for protection of fabric and carpeting. These products protect the carpets from wear and tear, and makes it easy to remove spills and droppings
  4. Professional Cleaners.
    Clearly there will come a time to call on the professionals. People that know chemicals, stains and spills. How to identify treat attend to the removal of unwanted marks. Water and flood restoration are normal to there everyday ability, and at Cannon Carpet Care we deliver these services on a daily base.

If your carpet has not being treated before with a “stain Protector” this is the time to enquire for this kind of service, that will give peace of mind for many a day to come.