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Clean Carpets like a Pro! 10 Tips for Cleaner Carpets

Whether it’s drips, spills or the piece of gum that you brought in on the bottom of your shoe your carpets won’t remain pristine forever. Here are ten quick tips on carpet cleaning that will help you maintain the integrity of those precious carpets.

Tip 1: Don’t Wipe, Just Dab!

Instead of trying to wipe up a stain rather take a clean cloth, paper towel or piece of cotton wool, dip it in some soapy water, and blot over the stain. Rubbing grinds the particles into the fibre making the stain harder to remove. Absorbing the stain through blotting with the aforementioned materials is more likely to remove the stain from your carpets.

Tip 2: The Soda Press

Carbonated water is great for beer and wine stains. Simply put some carbonated water on a cloth and blot the area. You can also try mixing one part white vinegar with one part water, spray the solution onto the stain, allow it to soak for 10-15 minutes, press a sponge over the area, soaking up the solution and the stain.

Tip 3: Shave the Day!

Apply shaving cream to the stained area and allow it to sit for 30 minutes and blot away with a dry white cloth. Spray with a water and vinegar solution and wipe clean with a cloth.

Tip 4: Freeze sGUMbag!

Dried gum on your carpets? Grab some ice cubes and freeze the gum for about 30 seconds. Lift the gum with a spoon and carefully cut the strands away from the carpet. Take care to cut too much from the carpet as it may leave a noticeable patch.

Tip 5: Detergent vs. Grease – Fight!

Remove grease from your carpets in a flash. Simply put some dishwashing liquid in a cup on water, spray it onto the stained area and blot it up with a cloth. Game over!

Tip 6: Heat Things Up

Nothing like load shedding to cause a couple of wax stains on your carpet. Put a white towel over your iron and press it over the stained area. Heat up the wax and scrape it off with a butter knife. Take care not to burn your carpet.

Tip 7: Peroxide the Crime Scene

A nasty paper cut will splash a couple of drops of blood on the carpet, so how do you clean up the crime scene? Use water and detergent to loosen the dried blood, wipe it up with a cloth, pour peroxide directly onto the stain, watch it bubble and wipe it up with a towel. Viola! You’re off scot-free! 

Tip 8: It’s Organic, Man…

Use organic cleaners to remove pet, sauce and coffee stains. Simply spray on the stained area, scrub the stain and remove with a cloth or towel. The stain will be history. Good boy!

Tip 9: Not So Sweet

Candy crushed into your carpet is not as fun as the game. To remove candy stains you need to use a brush or a knife to remove the solid bits. Follow that excavation with a dab with a soapy sponge. It is vital that you remove all the sugar as sugar will attract dirt and debris.

Tip 10: Don’t Dream of Steam

Steaming your carpets regularly is extremely important if you wish to preserve their integrity. These tips are for those emergency situations, but to really have carpets that look brand spanking new you should have them deep cleaned every couple of months. Work on the rule of every six months for a family of four and you’ll be just fine!

Well, now that you are equipped with these top ten tips you can clean your carpets like a pro! Remember to call in some assistance from your fellow professional carpet cleaning services to give your carpets a proper clean at least twice a year.