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Critical Carpets

Dirty Carpets and their Impact on your Social Life

First impressions are everything, so it really can be a wooden stake through your social life when you invite your new found friends back to your flat and they discover your soiled carpets. Yep, that’s not how you make new friends.

Never fear because your chum coach, your mates manager, and your friend facilitator is here to help you clean up those carpets and stop chasing away potential buddies!

Clean carpets can enhance a room, making it more appealing and brightening it up. Carpets have to deal with lots of traffic, dirty shoes and pets; so it is incredibly important that you clean them regularly before things get out of hand.

Here’s the funny thing: It’s not as hard as you thought, but it’s harder than you think. Is that making sense? You thought that in order to clean your carpets you would need an industrial cleaning machine which squirts out a soapy steaming at a rate of 20 metres a second. You don’t, so it’s not as hard as you thought. You do, however, need to vacuum your carpet every three days, which is harder than you think.

And so I come down to the age old question: Is the juice worth the squeeze? The truth is that if you don’t want people to view you as an out-and-out grub bucket, then yes; it is most definitely worth it!

However, if you don’t manage to stick to your rigorous carpet cleaning regime and the dirt and grime does build up, then there is only one thing for it. You’re going to have to call in the professionals! A professional carpet cleaning service will brighten up those dull dilapidated carpets in no time at all.

So, ensure that those new friends you’ve made stay for a drink, take a seat on your couch and compliment you on your gorgeous carpet. With ongoing maintenance and a professional clean twice a year, I don’t see why not.