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    Flood Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning Pretoria

    Never feel beaten by the elements or bothered by potential flood damage and water damaged carpets. No, unfortunately we cannot control the weather, nor can we protect you against your geyser bursting.

    We can however offer you worthwhile, extremely effective solutions to aid you in the event of you suffering flood and water damage in your home or business.

    We understand the impact that flooding can have on a home. During our time in the industry we have seen people lose tens of thousands of Rands because they waited too long before they took action. This is something we do not tolerate and make it our business to provide quality flood repair services to water damaged carpets should you need them.

    That’s why we are certain that if your carpets have suffered from flood damage, whether from a burst geyser or torrential rain, we are 99% certain that if you let us attend to the carpet within 48 hours, there will be no permanent damage.

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    Flood Damage Carpet Repair Pretoria

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