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Four Steps on your Carpet Cleaning Quest

If you have carpets then you already know that keeping them spotless is a lot easier said than done. Whether it’s your pets, your kids, or even you, some way or another dirt and gunk manages to settle into your carpets, making your carpets look dull and your home dirty and unmaintained.

As a proud home owner unattractive dirty carpets are a real stake in the heart. Pride wounded, your family’s house shamed and you feel like you’d have more chance of slaying a dragon than reviving those dilapidated carpets. Your quest seems endless, but the truth is it can be completed. All you need is some words of wisdom from a carpet cleaning wizard and a couple of enchanted items to help you along your way to a clean carpet kingdom. So here are four short, effective steps to making performing a first-class natural deep clean on your carpets which yield outstanding results!

Step one: The Vacuum of Destiny

Obviously it’s important to vacuum your carpets regularly, once a week if possible. This will ensure that your carpets are free of dirt, sand and pet dander. Before you embark upon your epic deep clean, remove all of the furniture from the room so you can vacuum every nook and cranny without obstacles.

Step two: Slay those stains

It’s just one of those things; it’s easy to make the stain, but incredibly difficult to remove. However, there is a really cool trick that you can use if you want to get rid of those pesky stains while you are on your cleaning quest.

Here’s what you do: Through an amazing feat of alchemy, mix one part vinegar with two parts water. Spray this elixir onto the stain and cover with a damp rag. Then, take your enchanted iron and with it on the steam setting hold it on the rag for 30 seconds. Lift the rag and the stain will be gone. It’s just like magic!   

Step three: Make steam your ally

You can’t complete your quest alone. If you want clean carpets you will need help from friends along the way. Team up with a noble steam cleaner, insert some of that elixir we spoke about, add your favourite essential oil, and give those carpets a proper steam clean. It will be treacherous, beware of steam burns, but once it is done your quest will almost be at an end. 

Step four: Live freshly ever after

It’s not enough to make peace with your clean carpets, if you want to rule the carpet kingdom you’d better make sure you live freshly ever after. Keep your carpets fresh by mixing one final concoction of 1 cup of baking soda, 10-20 drops of essential oils and, if you have pets, ½ a cup of borax to keep those vile fleas at bay.

Sprinkle this mixture onto your carpets 10-15 minutes before you vacuum your carpets for a fresher carpet kingdom!

There you have it, the day is saved and your quest is complete, but don’t get too comfortable. The day will come when your carpets dull once more and when that day comes you must be ready. At least now you know the four steps you have to take to liberate your carpets from dirt and dust on your quest to a clean and fresh carpet kingdom.