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Keep Off the Rug: The 5 Most Expensive Carpets in the World

An attractive rug can add another dimension to a room. It can brighten it up, tone it down, and add detail and texture; but which rug to choose? If you have expensive taste then you’ll definitely be keen for this one because here is a list of the 5 most expensive carpets in the world. It’s basically a list of the 5 carpets which you will never have in your livening room.

Number 5: Isfahan Carpet

Coming in at number 5 on our list of the 5 most expensive carpets in the world is the Isfahan carpet. This carpet is from the tobacco heiress, Doris Duke and was in her possession for many years. The carpets intricate and elaborate pattern design and striking colours fetched a price of $116,500 at auction!

Number 4: Ushak Rug

If I said that the Ushak Rug wasn’t old I’d be lying. This rug is old but it still flaunts a hefty price tag. Colours, contrast and a design rich in symbolism make this rug unique, and despite its age the Ushak Rug was in exceptional condition, demanding a price of $158,500.

Number 3: Ziegler Mahal Carpet (2)

With soft colour palates and large size this rug is extremely popular which solidifies its spot in the top three. The Ziegler Mahal Carpet contains a couple holes but that didn’t stop it from racking up a $170,500 bill.

Number 2: Ziegler Mahal Carpet (3)

From central Persia, another Ziegler Mahal Carpet is breaking the bank at number 2. The large print scale and uniquely coloured palate have resulted in its booming popularity. Trumping its brother at number three, this Ziegler Mahal Carpet was sold for $182,500 due to its high quality condition.

Number 1: Silk Isfahan Rug

Soaring ahead of the others with a net worth of a small country is the Silk Isfahan Rug from, guess where, central Persia. This carpet is noted for its outstanding craftsmanship. It is made of rare silk and contains a high knot density. So, how much is the most expensive rug in the world? You’re not going to believe this but the Silk Isfahan Rug was sold in 2008 for a staggering $4,450,000!

There you have it, the five rugs which you will never own! Now while most of us can’t afford to fork out a healthy 4 million dollars for a rug, you can pick up some design ideas, find something that looks similar and pass it off as one of the most expensive rugs in the world… Just a thought; use it, don’t use it.