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Psychotic Spring Cleaning Super Tips

4 DIY upholstery cleaning tips for the savvy homeowner

Spring is around the corner and although to most people are welcoming the change of season with open arms others already breaking out in psychotic twitches, dreading the mammoth and looming task which is spring cleaning. Sure, we’d all like to be able to buy a brand new couch every year but that’s not always possible, or necessary. If you want to pick up some great tips on how to freshen up your upholstery and ease your psychosis this spring then take a look at our 4 DIY upholstery cleaning super tips!

Super Tip 1:

Always vacuum your furniture before embarking on a spring cleaning frenzy. A vacuum cleaner will help you to clean off all of the easy bits which may be affecting the look of your couches. This includes crumbs, dirt, pet hair and a bunch of other debris.

Super Tip 2:

Ensure that you identify the types of stains that you are trying to get rid of so that you can determine the best approach. Stains which may come from food, wine, coffee, urine, faeces (from the dogs, hopefully) can be dealt with effectively using steam cleaning. Other stains which are oil-based may require a different approach such as a chemically based cleaning agent.

Super Tip 3:

You know how they say that you should always read the instructions? They’re right! Always ensure that you check the tags on your upholstery before you start cleaning. These tags will often indicate which cleaning solutions you should use and which ones you shouldn’t. If you cannot locate the tag then do a small spot test on an unnoticeable section of the fabric. If it affects the colour then back up and try another solution.

Super Tip 4:

You may need to acquire a steam cleaning in order to get a top notch clean. Don’t worry about buying a steam cleaner, they can be very expensive and if it’s just going to sit in your cupboard, what’s the point right? You can easily rent a steam cleaner for a day to get the job done.

Spring cleaning may be a bit of extra effort, but the rewards are really worth it. First of all, you’ll have a squeaky clean house so your friends won’t think you’re a grub. Secondly, you’ll be able to prolong the lifespan of your couch. And finally, it’s very therapeutic. I’m not even kidding, if you are feeling slightly psychotic then try spending a day spring cleaning. It’ll sort you right out.