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Resilient Floors and Maintenance

Generally speaking, about, or referring to Resilient flooring, expert in the flooring Industry know that the topic is Vinyl or Cushioned vinyl.

These are the floorcovering used in Hospitals, Schools, Technikons, Factories etc, and are subjected to heavy traffic and abuse on a daily base. Thinking about the high volume of traffic walking over it every day, one would expect these floorcoverings to be generally in a bad condition, but surprisingly many of these institutions have adopted a well-planned cleaning program that ensures that the occupants enjoys the pleasure of a clean and well-maintained environment, that leaves visitors with a good feel about the place. ‘Dirty floors always leave a bad impression”

On many occasions we at Cannon Carpet Care in Pretoria have noticed, that in some respects hard flooring is treated and maintained even better than carpeting. How do they do it?
Everybody loves a shiny appearance. Cleaning Contractors know, this standard of appearance is a definite Signature to the renewal of their cleaning contract. Reminds me of the old saying “Make the floors shine, and the customer is mine”

What are the “Tricks” of the trade?

It is important for Cleaners to pay attention to the specification and recommendation of the manufacturer, and abide by the do, and don’t. and apply their product specially formulated and designed for cleaning and maintenance, thus to ensure the “well-being” of their product over time.
If a chemical spill takes place, and you are unsure of the treatment, consult
with the manufacturer, and formalise the prescribed “medicine” in writing.
This will swing the weight in your favour when accountability comes to play.
When floorcovering looks shabby and un-neat, customers think that the
deterioration of a floor is because the product installed is inferior, and did not

meet up with expectations, and most probably will not be part of a future
choice, because of the disappointment. This makes it easy for Cleaning
Contractors to say that the floorcovering is old and not to expect too much in
Cannon Carpets in Pretoria have many a time changed the negative view on a
product, purely with results. Results brings trust, that leads to long time
relationships with customer. Always better to retain a customer than to look
for a new one.
Keep in mind that mud, dirt dust and sand particles cause surface scratches
that is not good for the vinyl over the long run, and need to be attended to.
Dirt traps at the entrance of buildings have now become part of every facility
manager’s responsibility. Entrance control with protective matting have
proven beyond reasonable doubt, to be an effective barrier against the
spreading of dirt, grit and sand particles onto resilient flooring or carpeting.
When customer choose resilient floors to be their choice they are advised, or
even act on a referral, expecting vinyl sheeting or tiles to do the job, and that
they could rely and trust the product to be extremely hard wearing. Vinyl Tiles
is not a sell-and-forget-it -exercise.
Therefor give attention when needed.
– Mop up spills immediately, this will also prevent people to slip or fall.
– Better still if spills could be blotted, preventing the spreading of a spill
– Use a damp cloth with a mild detergent to remove polish and rubber
– Regular sweeping, avoid abrasive powders, creams or liquids
– Use Cleaning product with a high alkaline content
– Use meticulous stripping and washing with a soft scrubber brush
– Remove all marks stains before sealing takes place.
– Use products prescribed by the manufacturer
– If uncertain, seek advice, or the opinion of an expert
Cannon Carpet Care in Pretoria are Professionals that could assist with advice,
or do the strip and seal of your vinyl, and surprise you with our results. Friendly
staff and well-trained personnel are there to answer your questions.