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Save Your Pocket With These Carpet Maintenance Rules

Let’s face facts, unless you are the CEO of some Multi-billion Rand Corporation or some MEC fat cat you can’t afford to get your carpets changed every year. It’s the truth. So, if you live on a budget like most South Africans, then you need to stretch the life of your carpets as far as possible, agreed?

Here are a couple of easy tips and maintenance rules that can assist in prolonging your carpets longevity. Keep your home spick ‘n span and keep your carpets looking bright and fresh when you stop dirt in its tracks! 

Keep it Simple

It’s called basic carpet cleaning and maintenance. That means no carpet cleaning detergents or machines, it’s just unnecessary. All you need is a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one, make a plan. Buy one, borrow one, we won’t say steal one, but do what you can to get your hands on this worthwhile investment. If you vacuum your carpets regularly then the dirt and dust will be removed before it bonds with the fibres. Similarly, address stains as soon as they happen. This is all part of maintenance.

Keep Dirt Out

Prevention is better than cure, ever heard of that? Instead of waiting until your carpets are completely soiled and then trying to rejuvenate them, why not keep them clean by ensuring that the dirt stays out of the house? Try using outdoor and indoor mats so you, your guests and your kids can all wipe your feet before entering the house. If you want to be seriously OCD then you can instruct everyone to remove their shoes at the door, making the house a “no shoe zone”.

Mix it up

Think about the paths that everyone walks through the house on a daily basis. Everyone follows relatively the same path, right? Perhaps there are a special few who can walk through furniture, but for most of us we have to walk around. This heavy traffic can wear your carpets unevenly and over time it can even lead to tearing. Try decrease the wear and tear on certain footpaths by rearranging the furniture every now and then. Not only will it give the room a fresh new look, but it will also shift the traffic onto different areas of the carpet, preserving the carpet as a whole in the long run. Indentations from your furniture can also cause problems if the furniture is left in the same spot for too long. It may not seem like a big deal but these indentations can tear your carpets if left for an extended period of time. Move the furniture around to avoid this.

Make Protection a Priority

There are other factors apart from dirt and stains that can cause a carpet to deteriorate. It may sound silly but direct sunlight can be potentially harmful to your carpet as it affects colours and textures. Furniture can tear your carpets through prolonged indentations. Heaters can cause carpets to fade and some can even burn, depending on the heater. You should also be very aware of which chemicals and detergents you are putting onto your carpet. Bleach and other toxic cleaners, chemical compounds and pesticides can also damage your carpets. Ensure you know what you are putting onto your carpets and you will aid in prolonging their lifespan. 

Follow these quick and easy tips and rules on carpet maintenance and ensure that you don’t have to fork out that Christmas bonus on new carpets. Always remember that prevention is better than cure and that consistent, effective maintenance will ensure the longevity of your carpets.