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The Leather Question

How to maintain leather upholstery 

When leather upholstery is maintained it looks great. However, if you don’t maintain your upholstery and it gets dirty then it can just look like you are trying too hard. You know, the type that has leather couches because they’re cool; meanwhile the couches are falling apart. Trying too hard is not cool. So, here’s what you need to do if you want to keep those couches looking pristine.

Leather should be cleaned every six months, at least. Use a mixture of water and facial soap, like Dove, to get the best results. Use a soft cloth to wash the couch and pay special attention to the arms and head rests. These are the areas which come into contact with the most bodily oils and therefore are the areas which are most likely to be discoloured.

This is a stretch, but theoretically it is better to use distilled water when washing your couches to avoid damage for chemicals such as chlorine in tap water. After washing ensure that you buff your couch with a clean white cloth.

If you want to go full leather couch cleaning mode then mix a solution of one part vinegar and two parts linseed oil. Work into the leather in circular motions with a clean cloth, allow the solution to soak into the leather for 10 minutes and then buff with a clean cloth.  

A couple of additional tips:

  • Using a protectant on your leather couches is a great idea. These can be found at most furniture stores
  • DON’T use ammonia-based cleaners or bleach on your couches
  • Don’t use furniture polish on your couches
  • If you spill on your couches wipe the spill up immediately, don’t let it soak into your couches
  • Avoid positioning couches in direct sunlight
  • If your couch is really dirty and you are struggling to clean it you may have to hire a professional

Maintaining leather isn’t hard, you just have to use your noggin. Ensure that you clean your couches regularly and they will last  for years.