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The Seven Year Itch

The Disgusting World Which Thrives in Your Carpets

Do you know what lies beneath in the deep dark reaches of your carpets? No, not Marilyn Monroe as the title of this article suggests. It is something far more sinister, diabolically more disgusting and a terrible truth that will turn this itching 1950’s comedy into a top rate horror rash.

We’re talking about the inner world of your carpets and how not cleaning your carpets regularly can help this world to thrive.

At first you may think that your carpet looks clean, but if you had to take a sample put it under a microscope what you’d see through the eye-piece would most certainly make your heart skip a beat. Let’s take a look at the disgusting residents which are living in your carpets.

Disgusting Resident No.1: Dust Mites

These are microscopic little bugs which feed on dead skin, pet dander, cockroach droppings and a host of other stuff which is really disgusting. You’ve probably heard about these little blighters hanging out in your bed, right? You wash you sheets to get rid of them. Do you do the same to your carpets?

Disgusting Resident No.2: Dead Skin

Humans constantly shed their skin and so do your pets. So, that means that there is a bunch of dead skin floating around, providing some tasty treats for all those bugs in your carpets. Did you know that most of the dust in your home is made up of human skin? Pretty gross.

Disgusting Resident No.3: Flea Eggs and Larvae  

 Are you struggling to get rid of your pet’s fleas? Have you tried every product on the market and it’s just not working. You should check your carpet. Flea eggs and larvae can lie dormant in your carpet and once they hatch they jump to the nearest source of warmth. Recurring flea problems? Check you carpet!

Disgusting Resident No.4: Bacteria

Remember that time you spilt Fanta on the carpet? Sure, you cleaned up the stain right away, but that doesn’t really make a difference. Just that one spill provided enough bacteria for an entire plethora of bacteria to start growing.

Disgusting Resident No.5: Pollen & Spores

Dirt, dust, pollen and spores get tracked into your house and pressed into your carpet on a daily basis. Some of these plant fibres can cause allergies and you may not know where they are coming from. Next time you’re battling with hay fever, check your carpets.

Disgusting Resident No.6: Pet Dander  

Your beloved pooch or kitty cat sheds their skin, just like we do and to dust mites that’s a five start meal. Do you want an explosion of dust mites in your carpet? If you do, it’s really simple – just do nothing.

Disgusting Resident No.7: Mould  

That’s right, mould! And not just mould but toxic mould. Some of these types of mould grow under the carpet and on your walls which makes steam cleaning largely ineffectual. Some of these types of mould even have airborne spores which can affect your family.  

No matter how much you love lying around on your carpet, how clean looks or how soft it feels, your carpets are dirty and are home to a diabolical world of disgusting characters. Ensure that you get your carpets professionally cleaned often in order to keep your home clean and your family safe.