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The Terrible Truth

Carpet facts which you don’t want to know but probably should

I swear to tell the carpet truth, the upholstery truth and nothing but the facts!

Sometimes the truth does more harm than good. We see it in all aspects of life. From reading every label on every item of food to check for the mysterious protein serial killer gluten, to driving blindly through red robots in order to avoid a high jacking as a result of the alarming crime statistics which you read in the morning paper.

However, sometimes it is best to know these statistics, especially when it comes to the safety of your family. So today we are going to take the plunge and fill you in on a couple of carpet facts which may disgust you, but at the end of the day you’ll benefit from this vital information.

Are you wondering why your little ones keep picking up stomach bugs? Did you know that the stomach bug virus can live quite happily in your carpet for up to 4 months?

Woah, what was that?! I guess that was the five second rule going out of the window. Next time you drop your chicken and mayo sandwich on the carpet think twice before dusting it off and munching away.

Do you sneeze more times a day than your eighty year old neighbour who is a centimetre away from breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest nose hair? Allergy suffers can aggravate their hay fever and other associated conditions by not cleaning their carpets. Think of your carpet as a trap for dust and pollen. If it is not cleaned regularly then it can become an allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare.

If you thought that was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet. Here’s where it gets really nasty…

You, me and everybody we know loses approximately 1.5 million skin flakes in an hour! Yuk! Where do you think most of this skin ends up? Bingo! In your carpets and they provide a delicious feast for the thousands of dust mites living in your carpets.

Have you ever seen a dust mite? If you’re feeling queasy already take my advice and don’t Google it.

Think you can stomach a little bit more of the terrible truth? Ok, you asked for it. Here comes the knock-out blow. Did you know that most carpets are 4000 times dirtier than the toilet seat? That’s 7 times dirtier than a Johannesburg city street! So, next time you think about burying your face in your carpet, take a drive to Rissik Street, park the car and snuggle a gutter – it’s better for you.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it is for your own good. Think about it, when your family is at risk you want to know the truth, right? Well, I would in any case. The best possible cure for this disgusting carpet condition is a professional clean. Ideally you should have your carpets cleaned every 6 months but you can stretch it to a year, if you can live with the truth.