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What’s the Use?

6 ingenious uses for old carpets

Have you recently had your carpets ripped up or are you considering getting your carpets replaced? Hold it, before you take those carpets out back and chuck them in the skip there’s something you should know. There are stacks of uses for old carpets, some of which you may not have considered. Take a look through our top ten uses for old carpets and think twice before you kick those carpets to the curb.

1. Moving furniture

Do you have wooden floors which could be damaged by dragging furniture when you rearrange your lounge? Instead of scratching your floors rather put your furniture on an old carpet and drag. Not only will it same you from unnecessary heavy lifting but it will also save your floors.

2. Cushioning your knees

Do you spend your Sundays in the garden and spend you Sunday evenings rubbing Zambuk on your bruised knees? Kneeling for extended periods of time can be painful and taking one of your prized throw cushions into the garden with you isn’t exactly practical, or smart. So rather just use an old piece of carpet and save your knees next time you decide to exercise your green fingers.

3. Insulating dog kennels

Cold winters? What happens to your beloved canine friend while you are snuggled up in your warm bed with the electric blanket turned up? Line your dogs kennel with you old carpets to provide extra insulation on those cold winter nights.

4. Protect your car door

Is your garage too narrow? Have you bashed your car door against the wall one too many times? Try sticking a strip of your old carpet on the wall to cushion the blow when you open your door with too much enthusiasm.

5. Reduce the laundry racket

Does your washing machine or tumble dryer rattle relentlessly? Does it keep you up at night with mechanical moans as it washes or dries your clothes? Reduce the rattle by putting a strip of used carpet under the machine. It will reduce the thumping of both the washer and the dryer.

6. Avoid scratches

If you are working in the house with tools then a piece of carpet works well as a place to put your tools. This will ensure that your floor, sideboard, sink or walls don’t get scratched or damaged from your tools. It is also a great way to keep everything in one place so you don’t lose anything while you are working.

So you see even when you carpets are too old to keep in your home they still have uses. These are 6 simple examples but there are many more uses for old carpets. All you need to do is think outside of the box and you’ll realise that old carpets hold a world of possibility. Think before you ship you old carpets off to the dump and you’ll find many uses for them around the house.